World Class Doctors International Medical Second Opinion

Wishing Well Global has partnered with World Class Doctors - the MSO consortium which has operations in 57countries. And headquartered in the US.

The World Class Doctors -MSO consortium has 25 years medical second opinion (MSO) experience,

And provides opinions through the foremost medical experts from a consortium of the top hospitals in the world, with cutting edge research and knowledge.

The tie up is with the institutions and not individual doctors.

World Leading Medical Centers

The MSO Consortium


Specialists and Sub-specialists

$4 Billion

Annual Biomedical Research


Ability to work with other highquality clinicians and medical institutions worldwide

The MSO Consortium Difference | Experience


Covered Lives


MSOs Delivered Over


Specialists Within The MSO Consortium


Pathology and Radiology Reviews

The MSO Consortium Difference | Impact

Address top 5% of medical conditions that account for 95% of costs


Member Satisfaction Rating


MSOs result in a change in diagnosis


MSOs result in change/modification of treatment plan

MSO Consortiums partners include

Employers (Membership Providers)

Insurance Brokers (Resellers)

Third-party Administrators (TPAs) (Resellers)

Other Strategic Distribution Partners.

Insurance products our services are embedded in

Critical Illness

Supplemental Health


Primary Medical


Accident & Health

Range of Services

Medical Second Opinion (MSO)

  • Timely , accurate Diagnosis from world class medical centers.
  • Turn around of 10 days from receipt of medical records.

International Concierge Services

  • Admission into a World class Medical centre
  • Travel and Accommodation arrangement.
  • Airport pick up service
  • Translation services

Electronic Health Records/Digital Platform

  • Electronic Health Records on Digital cloud platform.
  • Access by patients, doctors and hospitals with patient permissions.
  • Platform with video consult and easy mobile app access.

Covered conditions

(Indicative list | All conditions are covered )

  1. AIDS
  2. ALS
  3. Alzheimer's disease
  4. Amputation
  5. Any life threatening illness
  6. Benign brain tumor
  7. Cancer
  8. Cardiovascular conditions
  9. Chronic pelvic pain
  10. Coma
  11. COVID 19
  12. Deafness
  13. Emphysema
  14. Hip and knee replacement
  1. Loss of speech
  2. Major burns
  3. Major organ transplants
  4. Major trauma
  5. Multiple Sclerosis
  6. Neuro-degenerative diseases
  7. Paralysis
  8. Parkinson’s disease
  9. Renal insufficiency or kidney failure
  10. Rheumatoid arthritis
  11. Stroke
  12. Sudden blindness due to sickness
  13. Thrombophlebitis and embolism

Support & Follow up

Advantages of Medical Second Opinion

Membership Plan


From Insurance Policies which have the World Class Doctors – MSO feature as a benefit. ((life insurance, critical insurance, Health insurance etc)


Employee Benefit Program Offered by various corporate groups for senior management.


This membership plan has been designed for Individuals who would like to enrol directly in the membership plan and will be launched shortly.