Electronic Health Record (EHR)

The Electronic Medical Record is a tool used to collect, track and share the past and present information of one's Health via an Online podium to the concerned Medical Centers.

This stored information saves the time and cost involved in repeated routine Medical Tests. This is especially useful during an emergency when one cannot provide one's Medical History.

In elaborative terms, it is an innovative Cloud based Storage Solution that permits one to securely gather, manage and share personal details of your Health Information electronically anywhere, anytime.

It is thus an important tool concerning Health Care solutions that forms the crux of our Product.

Incorporated Customer Details

  • The EMR captures your personal information.
  • Lifestyle information.
  • Allergies, including drug allergies.
  • Medical Insurance details.
  • Vaccination & Immunization records.
  • Detailed medical and surgical history.


  • Helps provides medical records of patients to Medical Professionals on a Digital integrated Platform which in turn helps in making swift clinical decisions.
  • Provides prompt and instant access to vital information parameters concerning the patient such as blood group and allergies.
  • Provides information of Patient and contact details of close Kin in case of Medical Emergencies.
  • Acts as an Intermediary Bridge between Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Seekers.
  • Enables the upload of Patients Health Status on said patient’s online Health Records
  • Above all, it is Accurate, Prompt, Economically Viable and Holistic.


  • Records and tracks your progress towards a healthy goal such as lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • A handy repository of all your health related data.
  • Immensely important in times of emergencies.
  • Health records accessible to the designated person on authentication and family physicians.
  • Members can add, edit or upload new records as and when required.
  • Unique identification (Username and password) for each member.