Individual - Benefit Program

Whether you’re self-employed; between jobs, or retired; every individual has an obligation to take care of their own health in one way or another. Nowadays there are many choices to take care of your health, but everything seems complicated.

Your health is precious to you; it enables you to live your life the way you please. But a sudden illness can put a stop to your way of living and make your life more complicated; so to protect you from unexpected emergencies there is a perfect individual health benefit program available for you through Wishing Well.

The Individual Health Benefit Program offered by Wishing Well is uniquely designed to provide services which meet your healthcare requirements.

We offer an excellent range of supplementary health plans and ensure that you have affordable protection against unexpected medical expenses.

Features of Individual Health Benefit Program

  • Combined Medical & IT expertise.
  • Provides a seamless medical data transfer and communication medium.
  • An exploration of your wellness vision.
  • The creation of a wellness goal and steps to achieve said goal.
  • Paperless, Electronic solution.

Benefits of Individual Health Benefit Program

  • Digitized Health Records
    • Health records are stored in an electronic format in an online health repository. Thus, the data available is accurate, readily accessible & secure.
    • The system is paperless and eco-friendly.
  • Quick & Accurate Risk Assessment
    • Risk Assessment is a functionality by which the user can get an instant and comprehensive health risk assessment report.
    • User can use this information for further preventive measures or tests & consultations if required.
    • We have also provided users with an option to seek doctor’s recommendations if desired.
  • Annual Health Checkups
    • A regular health checkup helps users become better aware of their present health risks as well as health issues they may be predisposed/ vulnerable to.
    • Early detection aids timely treatment and effective management of health conditions.
  • Healthy Diet
    • Wishing Well connects its members with dieticians who create a customized diet plan that is realistic, easy to follow and effective in helping them achieve their health goals.
  • Online Consultation
    • Wishing Well connects its members with doctors online wherein they can seek professional quality advice on health-related queries, all from the comfort of their home.
    • Online consultation service overcomes geographical barriers and allows users to consult the desired specialist irrespective of the distance between them.
    • Saves the time of users by eliminating the need for appointment scheduling and personal visits at hospitals.
  • Benefits from Network Facilities
    • Wishing Well has a network of healthcare and wellness service providers.
    • As a member of the health and wellness platform, our customers will be entitled to additional discounts at the network facilities.
  • Increased Awareness Towards Health
    • Wishing Well provides our clients with all the relevant information, tools and means to follow a more holistic approach and take better care of their health.
    • Users will be inspired to lead a healthier lifestyle.