Our Wellness paradigm consists of a 7-step approach subdivided into three subsections elaborated below as follows:

Health Assessment:

  • Health Check-up
    • Here we send in a Team of Medical Professionals to conduct a Health Check-up In the form of a Physical Examination by our Physician along with conducting Blood Tests
  • Step 2: Electronic Health Records
    • This considers of the generation of the Health Card and storage of your personal data and lifestyle vitals/statistics on cloud in the form of electronic medical records
  • Step 3: Health Risk Assessment
    • Here our platform analyses said data generated to give a First Stage report based on the Patients Health Vitals, along with health and lifestyle recommendations. Based on this report, the customer can Visit our panel of doctors to get a consolidation on the report.

Health Management:

  • Health Coaching and Diet Management
    • Based on the report generated, our customers are introduced to our Panel of Fitness Experts and Dieticians who introduce lifestyle changes in terms of a Diet Plan and Fitness Routine
  • Group Programmes/Seminars/Stress Management
    • Based on the Health Vitals if our customers are deemed by the medical practitioners as having psychological illnesses they’re introduced to our customised or group stress management sessions which includes seminars, meditation sessions and Yoga.

Health Engagement

  • Periodic check-ups
    • Our customers are subjected to periodic checkups by our panel of medical practitioners to ensure that their health and fitness is maintained and diseases are kept at bay.
  • Risk mitigation program
    • This involves sending daily alerts and reminders to our customers through our mobile application which helps to manage any conditions which require continuous maintenance. Lastly, we also try to keep our customers engaged by issuing Health blogs, and by providing them with health tips, health challenges, health quizzes etc.