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"A 360° Preventive Healthcare and Wellness Company"

Wishing Well offers a versatile range of holistic solutions for managing your health and wellness. From medical records to health timelines and wellness tips – Wishing Well has it all. Through our cutting edge technological solutions, we partner with various medical care providers in providing a range of health services to our customers. Our comprehensive condition and disease management programs ensure that the patients are effectively able to manage their health.

E-Health Cards

Wishing Well Health Card Benefits

Electronic Health Records

1. Quick access to the user's vital information during emergencies

2. Medical information
- reports accessible everywhere

Health Risk Assesment

1. Self assessment through HRA

2. Biometric Screening (Basic, Express, Super, Advanced)

3. Physician Consultations


1. We provide benefits of aggregation through our Health Card where most healthcard providers will provide discounts to our users.

- Diagnostic Centers, Hospitals, Fitness Centers, Speciality Clinics(Dental, Eye, Hair)


1. Preventive Health Management

- Group Consultations Obesity/Diabetes/

- Individual Coaching
- Special Programs

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