Second Opinion

Second Opinion is the process of seeking an evaluation by another doctor or surgeon to confirm the diagnosis/ treatment plan of the primary medical consultant; or to offer an alternative diagnosis and/or treatment approach.

For example, you go to a doctor and he suggests that you need a Heart Surgery. As you're skeptical of having one, you opt for a Second Opinion. Through our services, you're given the reference of another doctor specializing in a relevant field to validate the primary opinion.

Second opinions are an important part of the process of informed consent and decision-making. In a summarized form, it is a Cloud based Technology Platform, where anyone can seek the expert opinion from an expert panel of various specialists. This platform brings you the best experts in the Medical field ranging from various Specialists to your General Surgeon to address your doubts and help you make an informed and well thought out practical decision.

We believe that this tool enables you to make informed choices in making complex medical decisions regarding your health. A second opinion provides you with a fresh view and information which may provide you with new options for treating your condition.

In short our seamless platform connects you and a Doctor allowing you to take an alternative opinion, all in the comforts of your Home. It thus incorporates the elements of Diversity and Convenience, removing the need of traveling to multiple Medical practitioners.

Need of second opinion

  • If you're uncertain or skeptical about the Diagnosis
  • If the current treatment is not improving your Health Condition.
  • If the treatment has been ongoing for a considerable time period without significant improvements upon your Health.
  • Before opting for or undergoing a major surgery.
  • If you feel the treatment is not economically viable or necessary.

How it works

  • Your Health queries and Medical Test Reports are studied diligently.
  • We store your queries, medical files and medical test reports within our systems to provide our Team of Specialists with all the relevant information.
  • We maintain your given Records in accordance with the Privacy Law. The system provides your complete record and specialist consultation along with your query.
  • Once we have your Medical Records, our team of Specialists works to systematically select the Medical Expert who can best assess your case.
  • At every step of the way, with your consent, the provided Medical Specialist ensures that the Diagnosis is correct and that the Treatment plan is right for you.
  • We thus confirm your Diagnosis and Treatment options.