"Ask a Doctor" offers you expert care services wherein we provide you with quality, professional and astute answers from our panel of Medical Practitioners.

This service essentially acts as an "Online Portal" for your Health related queries and allows our customers to directly converse with a licensed Medical Professional having relevant expertise in the field which concerns your ailment.

Wishing Well gives you the opportunity to receive an online diagnosis for your medical concerns at an affordable rate without wasting your precious time waiting in long queues. This service also aims to keep visits to the doctor at a minimum by setting up virtual visits via the Phone and Internet.

A member can simply post a health related query in the system which will then be studied and addressed within 2-24 hours. The Doctor answers this query to the best of his capabilities. (No medications will be prescribed)

The answer to said query is then sent to our customer via e- mail.

Features / Benefits of "Ask a Doctor"

  • Essentially an Online Platform tool that allows our Customers to ask queries/ advice concerning their Health from our panel of Medical Experts.
  • You're provided with expert and cogent advice all at the comfort of your own home.
  • It is economically viable and prompt.
  • Your queries can be asked from anywhere.