Wearable Device Integration

Wishing Well aims to bring User Engagement and Collaborative Care to a whole new level via our State of the Art Technology Platform.

We have ties with some of the best Global Health & Medical Device Manufacturers with the intention to deliver to our Customers a set of highly sophisticated Healthcare devices at competitive costs and optimal benefits.

Wishing Well does NOT make any claim whatsoever to manufacturing any Medical Devices

Our Health/Wellness portal can be connected between any of our provided Healthcare Devices and a third party monitoring Server for exchange of Health Data. Our various Healthcare Partners have taken up the mantle of 'Monitoring Servers' and can communicate effectively with our users through our Integrated Technology Platform.

At present the various Devices that can be integrated with our users are as follows:

  • Glucometer
  • Blood Pressure Monitor
  • Fit bit
  • SpO2 Meter
  • ECG
  • Activity Tracker
  • Thermometer

The Wishing Well Portal is essentially synced with our various Healthcare Partners (Clinics, Hospitals, Diagnostic Centers, and Pharmaceuticals) providing them with Health Data obtained via the "Wearable Integrated Devices" worn by our users.

In return a report will be generated outlying our users 'Health Status', which is then uploaded on our Site under said user's Medical Records.