Appointment Scheduling

Health Appointment is designed to keep all of user’s Personal/business appointments in one place. Using this functionality user can set, maintain and review all his Personal/business appointments. User can also set medicine reminders, medicine refill etc. These Reminders are provided via SMS or Email depending upon user preference.

Keeping track of appointments and medication reminders is more likely helpful in people who frequently miss their daily dose, pregnant women for their monthly check-up, vaccination reminders, long term medication checkups or in case if medications are administered on specific time.

Features of Scheduler

  • Schedules your personal health related or business activity
  • Online tool makes easy to schedule your healthcare needs
  • Reminders are sent to the member via SMS or mail (preference of the member).

Benefits of Scheduler

  • Helps you to organize your health appointments
  • User can set the reminder for various purposes like personal or business meeting, health check up with doctor, medicine intake or refill reminder.
  • Appointments details are sent by SMS, eMail or IVR.