Health Card

Our major Business Model is the e-health card which in turn is either membership or subscription based. It can be availed by any individual, corporate, community or institute by becoming a member.


Electronic Health Records

Quick access to the user's vital information during emergencies

Medical information
- reports accessible everywhere

Health Risk Assesment

Self assessment through HRA

Biometric Screening (Basic, Express, Super, Advanced)

Physician Consultations


We provide benefits of aggregation through our Health Card where most healthcard providers will provide discounts to our users.

- Diagnostic Centers, Hospitals, Fitness Centers, Speciality Clinics(Dental, Eye, Hair)


Preventive Health Management

- Group Consultations Obesity/Diabetes/

- Individual Coaching
- Special Programs

Types of cards:

Smart Card
Silver Card
Gold Card
Platinum Card

Technology and Features

  • Comprehensive Health Audit
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Digitization of Health Records
  • Blogs / Discussion Forums
  • Second Opinion
  • Online Consultation
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Single Network of all Providers
  • Health Calculators
  • Health Advantage Card
  • Health Information Directory
  • Appointment Scheduler / Prescription Compliance
  • Virtual Access to Health and Wellness Information