Educational Institute - Benefit Program

It is an admitted fact that children are the future of a Nation. If the children are healthy, our Nation is bound to be strong.

It is with this view in mind that Wishing Well’s School Health Benefit Program becomes an important element of total Health Care Delivery System which helps in keeping close tabs on the health of school going children and empowers schools to help their students understand the importance of and take care of their health.

We understand that a student’s optimum progress is an essential element and the ultimate goal for a school. Ensuring that children have access to knowledge ensures that they are able to change not only their own attitude and behavior, but that of their families and communities as well.

Features of School Health Benefit Program

  • Innovative, cost effective & user friendly healthcare platform.
  • Expert Medical and IT team to support and keep track on your needs.
  • Creates a win-win situation for all involved stakeholders.
  • Mutually beneficial relationship between service seeker & providers.
  • Measure effectiveness of students and assessment is made available to staff.
  • Our health & wellness portal helps school going children lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • Paperless, Electronic solution.

Benefits of School Health Benefit Program

  • Health Awareness
    • The primary objective of this awareness program is to "Keep people disease free through prevention". The awareness program will educate our customers on how to adopt a healthier lifestyle and prevent diseases.
  • Regular/Annual Health Check ups
    • We provide preventive health checkups which includes general examinations like height, weight measurement; blood pressure, temperature monitoring; oral hygiene, blood group assessments.
    • After medical checkups, we provide a descriptive report for individual students, which in turn helps their parents better understand the health status of their child.
  • Easy to Maintain Health Statistics of Students
    • After medical check-up, we provide a consolidated report of all the students to the school to help them understand the health trends among students of various ages.
  • Vaccination Reminders
    • Wishing Well also provides a detailed vaccination chart for students of various age groups along with regular reminders for vaccinations.
  • Generalized Health Diet Advice
    • Nutritional Counseling for students and school canteen will be provided by Wishing Well.
  • Health Coaching/Health Education
    • Health talks on various health and wellness related issues can be arranged at school premises
    • The students will be educated on various health issues like childhood obesity, nutrition & diet.
    • Apart from that, issues pertaining to adolescents can also be addressed like substance abuse & addiction, physiological & psychological transitions, handling stress in teens etc.
  • Less Absenteeism
    • Increased awareness towards one's health is the major benefit of school health programs
    • Increase in concentration and grasping power of healthy students along with less absenteeism.
  • Brand Recognition
    • Preferred school in the locality.