Corporate - Benefit Program

Wishing Well has designed a Corporate Health Benefit Program to help the corporate world identify risks and encourage people to take the necessary steps to prevent the onset or worsening of a health condition/ sickness and to adopt lifestyles that are healthier.

Our focus is preventing illness, promoting health and productivity, and lowering the total cost of health care. In addition to improved productivity, our corporate wellness program is an effective tool in slowing the growth of health care costs. Selecting healthier options may reduce chances of suffering from illness and consequently increase earnings.

A successful wellness program benefits employers by developing and maintaining a healthier, more productive workforce and community.

Features of Corporate Health Benefit Program

  • Innovative, cost effective & user friendly healthcare platform.
  • Creates a centralized source for distributing information on health care.
  • A symbiotic relationship between service seeker & providers.
  • Provides a seamless medical data transfer & communication medium.
  • Prompts immediate, appropriate corrective action with regards to healthcare.

Benefits of Corporate Health Benefit Program

  • Reduction in Healthcare expenditure
    • Reduces claim ratio resulting from improved health and wellness rate.
    • Medical expenses of the employees are also saved as they get benefits from Wishing Well’s health and wellness platform leading to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Regular / Annual Health Check ups
    • We provide preventive health checkups which includes general examination like height/ weight measurement, blood pressure monitoring and blood group assessment.
    • After medical checkups, we provide a descriptive report for the individual which helps companies better understand the health of their employees.
  • Paperless, Electronic Solution
    • Health records are stored in an electronic format in an online health repository.
    • The system is paperless and eco-friendly.
    • Increases bonding between employees, helping them to work comfortably in a team.
  • Improved Employee Productivity
    • Increased productivity and less absenteeism.
    • Healthy employees tend to produce a greater volume of work at a higher quality.
    • Increase bonding between employees helping them work comfortably in a team.
  • Improvement in Brand value of Corporate
    • Quality of work improves due to an increased productivity level of employees.
    • Overall expenditure on Healthcare decreases.
    • Claim ratio decreases.
    • Employee satisfaction increases.
    • Profit and revenue increases.
    • There is growth in business.