Health Service Provider - Benefit Program

We believe it is very important for people to take a proactive approach to manage their health. Hence, we have developed resources which empower them to better understand and manage their health.

Wishing Well works together with healthcare service providers to cater the best healthcare services to end users; educate them on complex health topics in a easy to understand language and enhance the health and wellbeing of our citizens.

Features of Provider Benefit Program

  • Advanced, cost effective and user friendly healthcare platform.
  • Team of Medical and IT expertise.
  • A symbiotic relationship between health service seeker and providers.
  • Creates a win-win situation for all involved stakeholders.
  • Provides a seamless medical data transfer and communication medium.
  • Our health and wellness portal helps you lead a healthier lifestyle.
  • Paperless, Electronic solution.

Benefits to Healthcare Service Providers

  • Digitized Health Records
    • Health records are stored in an electronic format in an online health repository. Thus, the data available is accurate, readily accessible and secure.
    • This aids in an effective, swift decision making process as doctors can access and view the past history of patients before prescribing/advising them.
    • It becomes easy for providers to upload, share and view medical reports.
    • Task of transferring reports and notifying patients becomes simpler.
    • The system is paperless and eco-friendly.
  • Benefits of Wishing Well Network to Providers
    • Being part of an online platform, providers get increased visibility of their professional profile in the medical world and extended publicity among potential clientele.
    • A large number of users have their contact details uploaded within our systems; as a result your potential client base increases.
    • In case of emergencies, they can contact fellow network providers for assistance (say hospitals can contact network blood banks in case of need).
  • Benefits of Referral System
    • Wishing Well has a seamless referral system between the network facilities.
    • This system benefits the providers immensely as it generates additional revenue and also builds their own network base.
  • Effective & Easy Communication with Clients
    • Wishing Well has a seamless and efficient health data exchange platform for both medical professionals and members.
    • The paramedics and doctors can interact with their patients by our online consultation services.
    • This helps build a bond between the patient and doctor in spite of the physical distance.
  • Additional Revenue
    • Our panel members i.e. Doctors, Specialists and Dieticians can generate added revenue by choosing to give their valuable advice and consultation to our members online.