Government - Benefit Program

For governments, Wishing Well presents the unique benefit of access to real-time health data of its citizens. It presents them with an opportunity to invest in the health of its citizens by choosing to empower them rather than enforce old-school rules and regulations.

It further unveils a golden opportunity for governments to integrate inter-department data and move towards e-governance in its true spirit – by engaging its citizens to be an integral part and the driving force behind all IT infrastructures.

Tangible Advantages for Governments

  • An investment in Health is an investment in life – and an investment in Health Information in cyberspace is an investment in the economic and infrastructure backbone of the country!
  • With Wishing Well, a government can now get its statistical reports online from anywhere, without having to wait for data analysts to collect and interpret piecemeal reports from hospitals, ministries and industry research companies.
  • It can get, on-demand, a comprehensive picture of community health issues from the data resident on Wishing Well and commence preventive care initiatives to avoid expensive fixes down the road.
  • It can zoom in, real-time, on genetic disorders related to local lifestyle and culture and, subsequently, develop a targeted awareness plan for ensuring healthier and more informed future generations

Financial Advantages

  • Governments can significantly reduce cost of healthcare delivery to citizens and residents – as Wishing Well helps to eliminate repeat medical tests, enables preventive care, allows for better monitoring of planned care and eliminates wasteful paperwork and storage issues, among other benefits.
  • Adopting Wishing Well makes the Government and the nation’s businesses more competitive in the global market place. Cost of healthcare delivery is a fundamental issue for businesses and Government in the West which has now become a major political crisis.
  • Being proactive to avoid such traps (that have been proven in the recent past to be disastrous for a nation’s economy) is a first step – and Wishing Well is a ready platform for this step.
  • The power of Wishing Well can be a real blessing for Governments – see the example of a report below, which gives, in an instant, an overview of the healthcare spend in a region, by category.
  • If a Government so decides, the basic Wishing Well services can be free for all users to store their critical information like emergency contact details, current prescriptions, allergies, insurance details, etc.
  • Additional services – like storing attachments, decoding data to fill in the database fields from an expert call center and so on – can be charged for. The revenue generated from value-added services can be shared between Wishing Well and the Government.

The above would result in huge benefits to the citizens & Government.

  • Drastically reduce treatment expenditure, would result in reduction of health claims
  • Reduce Capacity pressure on treatment centers (Hospitals/Clinics/Day Care etc)
  • Generates Health Repository for each Individual
  • Unified Health Portal to update the health records & adapt to wellness programs
  • Government can get data analytics to draft and implement better health policies

The Platform is capable of inter-operation ability between various Government schemes from various departments by enabling the technology, which can share the health data to offer medical details on health card like Aadhaar UID card.