Corporate Wellness

Many of us spend most of our time at our work place limited to a small office cabin. The workplace can influence your Health and state of Wellness; it could be your hub for health & wellness.

In today’s world, care delivery requires not only the best Doctors and excellent diagnostic equipment, but also an accurate and updated patient medical data. It is important to have medical data to ensure correct diagnosis and the right treatment.

Bearing in mind the elements of a “Corporate Wellness Program”, many Firms are actively trying to incorporate a Holistic Health Platform into their organization for their employees, in order to curtail life style diseases and stress-related conditions, which will in the long run increase their productivity and employee satisfaction, assuring gross revenue.

Wishing Well has designed a comprehensive wellness platform that includes a buffet of programs, which assures to benefit both employers and employees.

Wishing Well offers customized health plans and services based on the type of corporate, along with end to end wellness plans with a well-planned ROI:

  • e-Health Card for life saving in case of emergencies. Acts as a discount card with WW network.
  • Biometric Screenings
  • Electronic Health Record
  • Health Fitness\Health Risk Assessment
  • Doctor On Demand
  • Expert Advise\Second Opinion
  • Nutritional\Diet Coaching, Exercise guidance
  • Personal\Psychological & Stress Management Programs
  • Yoga & Meditation Sessions
  • Pre-Employment Health Check Ups
  • Annual Health Check Ups
  • Designing Health Manuals

These programs encourage employees to start their own journey of wellness by helping them adopt healthy lifestyle changes and engage them in an interactive wellness session with our panel of fitness/medical experts.